We continue to keep the safety and health of our community, including our pets foremost in our priority and actions. In an effort to comply with CDPHE’s recommendations, we are doing our best to minimize risk to our community, families, and friends while providing necessary medical support to the pets of Summit County. For the health and safety of our community, we have listed logistical implementations for appointments and sales of prescription food and medications below:

  • We are not requiring staff or clients to wear masks inside the clinic at this time but we are happy to honor requests for masked visits if asked.
  • We space our appointments to decrease the number of people arriving at Buffalo Mountain Animal Hospital at any one time.
  • When arriving for an appointment, please wait for a clear lobby in order to come in.
  • If you request it, we will consult by phone while you wait safely in your vehicle, returning your pet to you when the appointment is complete.
  • Please note there is a 30 minute loading and unloading space in addition to the parking spaces usually available in the front of the building.
  • Even with this minimal social contact, we request that pet owners notify us in advance if they have any symptoms of illness and cannot find someone else to attend the appointment, or pick up necessary food and medications for your pet.

As long-standing providers of care for Summit County’s pets, the Buffalo Mountain Animal Hospital team will continue to provide excellent and necessary medical care while implementing practical solutions to minimize the risk of community spread of COVID and other illnesses.

Dr. Christy Murphy and Dr. Mark Cowan